Quick Start Program

Quick Start Program

I just took a beginner lesson and want to run out and buy some gear. What should I get?

Worldwinds has instructed well over 25,000 beginner lessons. We get asked frequently by new stoked windsurfers how much it will cost to buy a gear package.  Our answer is that it is generally better not to buy full on beginner gear. If you intend to use it regularly you will grow out of it in a couple months.   There are plenty of I-net shops that will sell you beginner gear no questions asked.  We are not one of those shops.  Our philosophy is to quickly progress you to the intermediate level so you will be ready to get on the appropriate gear - gear you will grow into and not out of.  Buying old obsolete gear off E bay or Craig’s list will only make the situation worse.  Yes you will get stuff on the cheap but the price you will pay is that what was once a fun activity will quickly turn into frustration and disappointment. When and if you decide to sell the obsolete gear you will find it has no practical resale value.


What should I do?    Windsurfing is a muscle memory sport. A combination of professional instruction and time on the water (TOW) is the best way to quickly advance. Taking a lesson gives you the fundamentals to be successful but spending practice time on the water is what gets it done.   At Worldwinds we have some of the most experienced instructors on the planet and the rigged and ready rental fleet includes all levels of rental gear from never ever beginner to high wind advanced.  By using a combination of lessons and moving you along quickly but incrementally to more advanced equipment you will receive the perfect balance of being challenged while still having fun.  As new skill sets are acquired the board and sail will be adjusted accordingly- more advanced boards as well as sail size matching skill level and wind speed. 


How can I afford to buy gear if I spend all my money on lessons and rentals?

The short answer is not only will you progress much faster you will also end up saving money.   If you take a beginner lesson and then jump right into a beginner package you will for sure have immediate success but in a short time the equipment will no longer be appropriate and will in fact hinder your progress.    Once you are no longer progressing you are no longer having fun.  When the realization hits that it is time to sell that quiver at a loss or not get better you will understandably be discouraged as well as reluctant to spend another bunch of money to get an appropriate package to get you to the next level.   In our opinion this is one of the main reasons once stoked windsurfers drop out of our great sport.  They buy equipment that is too remedial or worse buy obsolete gear off the I-net.  Within a matter of months they get discouraged and quit.


So now that I know what not to do - what should I do?

Sign up for the Worldwinds Quick Start Package***

Using a combination of lessons and time on the water practice sessions you will progress rapidly, have loads of fun and not break the bank. Here is what is included

101 Beginner Lesson

201/202 Intermideate/beginner harness lesson

203 beach start lesson

4 day on the water practice sessions with the appropriate gear

Total cost $299.00 $490.00 value

*** Remember the muscle memory part?  To get the best result we recommend coming for a 1 week visit or block out 3 consecutive weekends.   This learning system is not nearly as effective if you spread it out over several months. 

And the best part is:

The best part is that when you are ready to pull the trigger on the right gear Worldwinds will refund $120.00 to apply to the purchase of either a new or used package of board and sail.        

Punch Card will be given upon arrival to Worldwinds.  

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