Worldwinds is one the best windsurfing schools in the world. Our highly trained instructors come with years of teaching experience. Lessons ranging from first-time beginners to advanced windsurfing.  Lessons are available daily.  Lessons can be booked in advance online or by phone.  Beginner 101 windsurfing classes start at 11:30 am.

Lesson Schedule

  • Winter (January 18th until March 6th) Lesson schedule by appointment only
  • Spring (March 7th until June 1st) Lesson schedule Tuesdays and Thursday thru Sunday (no lessons Monday and Wednesday)
  • Summer (June 2nd until August 24th) Lesson schedule EVERYDAY 7 Days a week
  • Fall (August 25th until November 30th) Lesson schedule Thursday thru Sunday
  • Closed December 15th until January 18th

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101 Beginner Lesson

101 An Introduction To Windsurfing: $70 This group lesson offers a taste of windsurfing with ..


200 Series Lessons

200 Series Intermediate Windsurfing: $70This series of group lessons is designed to take the student..


300-400 Series Advanced Lessons

Classes start at 1pm daily wind permitted.300-400 Series Advanced Lessons: $80 ALL LESSONS FR..


1000-5000 Freestyle Series

Classes start at 1pm daily wind permitted.1000-5000 Freestyle Series Lessons: $85 Course ..


Windfoil Lesson

Come check out the latest thing to hit our great sport.  WINDFOILING!!!  Take our introduc..


Quick Start Program

I just took a beginner lesson and want to run out and buy some gear. What should I get?Worldwinds h..