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2020 S2 Maui Alchemy

The 2020 S2Maui Alchemy is an incredibly smooth, stable and versatile 5-batten wavesail wi..


2020 S2 Maui Banshee

The 2020 Banshee benefits from S2Maui’s intense Venom race sail development program. As a ..


2020 S2 Maui Catalyst

Camille Juban loves the Catalyst for his aggressive style, down-the line riding. The Catalyst is the..


2020 S2 Maui Dragon

The Dragon is the ultimate high performance, progressive wavesail built entirely in premium Tec..


2020 S2 Maui Duralist

The revolutionary 2-batten Dualist came about due to our passion for innovative design and continuou..


2020 S2 Maui Jester

S2Maui’s dedicated freestyle sail, the Jester has been re-engineered for 2020 with increased du..


2020 S2 Maui Venom

The S2Maui VENOM from Artur Szpunar and Barry Spanier has a legacy of design experien..


2020 S2 Maui Wicked

The 2020 S2Maui WICKED 2-cam Freerace and Foil sail always impresses with its high pe..