2018 S2 Maui

2018 S2 Maui

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2018 S2 Maui Alchemy

The 2018 S2Maui Alchemy sets a new standard as an incredibly smooth, stable and versa..


2018 S2 Maui Banshee

The 2018 Banshee benefits from S2Maui Venom race development and provides speed, power and..


2018 S2 Maui Catalyst

The Catalyst is the lightest, production 3-batten wave sail. For 2018, engineering improvements..


2018 S2 Maui Dragon

Competition Performance, Power & AgilityThe Dragon is the ultimate high performance, progressive..


2018 S2 Maui Jester

S2Maui’s 100% dedicated freestyle sail, the 2018 Jester is built upon the experience ..


2018 S2 Maui Venom

The S2Maui VENOM from Artur Szpunar and Barry Spanier has a legacy of design experien..


2018 S2 Maui Wicked

The 2018 S2Maui WICKED 2-cam Freerace sail is a direct descendant of our ultimate performa..