2018 Ezzy Sails

2018 Ezzy Sails

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2018 Ezzy Elite

The Elite is our "desert island" sail - our choice for every kind of condition, from flat-water to d..


2018 Ezzy Zeta

If you’ve windsurfed for as long as we have, you remember David Ezzy’s North Zeta from the late 80’s..


2018 Ezzy Cheetah

Our go-to flat water sail, the Cheetah has a soft, locked-in race feel. Camless and easy to rig, the..


2018 Ezzy Lion

Quick to rig, the Ezzy Lion is one of our favorite sails because it makes going fast no-hassle. High..


2018 Ezzy Legacy

In an effort to improve the collection, David gave the new Legacy a more controllable feel across a ..