Maui Fin Company Weed Burner

Maui Fin Company Weed Burner

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Modern profile for better planning and speed!! This fin is the exact copy of our racing models designed with Micah Buzianis. The fin is very fast, and the upwind performance and the early planing are incredibly good for this kind of fin. A 45 degree rake allows weeds to easy slide off.  Green G-10

SizeBox SystemMaterialSail Sizes
29 cmPOWER BOXCNC G-104.5 to 5.5
34 cmPOWER BOXCNC G-105.5 to 6.5
40 cmPOWER BOXCNC G-106.5 to 7.5
46 cmPOWER BOXCNC G-107.5 to 9.0
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