2018 Goya

2018 Goya

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2018 Goya Bolt Pro

Bolt ProFreerace SingleThe 115, 125 and 135 now come as Foil Ready constructions allowing ..


2018 Goya Carrera Pro

Carrera ProFreecarve SingleThe Carrera sailing experience is a fresh one altogether, more ..


2018 Goya One Pro

One ProFreewave ThrusterOur dedicated one board to do it all, call it Freewave, Bump and J..


2018 Goya Volar Eco

Volar EcoFreeride SingleThe 2018 Volar Eco is equally as great a Windsurfing board but com..


2018 Goya Volar Pro

Volar ProFreeride SingleThe Volar is our ultimate Windsurfing board, to grow, learn and be..