2017 Goya Sails

2017 Goya Sails

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2017 Goya Banzai

Banzai Pro Powerwave 4 BattenThe new Banzai is the state-of-the-art, full throttle, explosive powe..


2017 Goya Banzai X

Banzai X Pro Powerwave 4 BattenThe newly launched Banzai X is effectively identical to the regular..


2017 Goya Bounce

Bounce Pro Freestyle 4 Batten The new Bounce is the perfected sail for dedicated technical freest..


2017 Goya Mark

Mark Pro Freerace 6 Batten Speed racing made simple. The new Mark is a quick to rig and easy to t..


2017 Goya Nexus

Nexus Pro Freeride 5 Batten The heart and soul of freeride windsurfing is realized in the new Nex..