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2017 Goya Banzai

Banzai Pro Powerwave 4 BattenThe new Banzai is the state-of-the-art, full throttle, explosive powe..


2017 Goya Banzai X

Banzai X Pro Powerwave 4 BattenThe newly launched Banzai X is effectively identical to the regular..


2017 Goya Bolt

Bolt Pro Freerace Single Two new bigger sizes have been added to the Bolt line. When being second..


2017 Goya Bounce

Bounce Pro Freestyle 4 Batten The new Bounce is the perfected sail for dedicated technical freest..


2017 Goya Carrera

Carrera Pro Freecarve SingleThe new Carrera line transitiones from being Freeride oriented to now ..


2017 Goya Mark

Mark Pro Freerace 6 Batten Speed racing made simple. The new Mark is a quick to rig and easy to t..


2017 Goya Nexus

Nexus Pro Freeride 5 Batten The heart and soul of freeride windsurfing is realized in the new Nex..


2017 Goya One

One Pro Freewave Thruster By adding another two small new sizes the One line has now grown into a..


2017 Goya Volar

Volar Pro Freeride Single The newly launched Volar is our ultimate Windsurf Board, to learn, grow..








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